Thermally Broken Steel Windows and Doors in California

Incorporating thermally broken steel into your home comes with a variety of appearances but is more energy-efficient and versatile than ever before.

You may have learned about thermally broken steel if you are looking for steel windows or doors for your construction project. Blick Steel thermally broken steel doors and windows are an excellent option both for residences and commercial buildings.

If your home is under construction or renovation in an area that deals with extreme weather, you should consider installing thermally broken steel windows and doors. It is a modern innovative product that is relevant and energy-efficient.

A thermally broken steel refers to a product with a sheet of insulation surrounded by two pieces of steel. The insulation divides each steel and prevents heat or cold from transferring between them.

Here are some innovations of our thermally broken steel windows and doors in California.

thermally broken steel windows and doors

What Are Thermally Broken Steel Windows and Doors?

Steel is the most commonly used building material among all metals used in furniture, manufacturing, and construction. Its elegance in form and function offers the best flexibility, from macro specifics of the steel framing process to the utmost quality of modern steel windows. Steel windows and doors are elegantly stunning. Though it excels in durability, security, and efficiency, it may not be enough when it comes to its usability and practicality.

How do thermally break steel windows and doors differ from the usual steel window? What makes them stand out?

Many reliability specifications are available to satisfy more strict criteria to achieve the demands of energy standards. The steel industry raises the stakes in terms of codeobservance. More energy-efficient windows, such as thermally broken steel windows in California, are now possible thanks to innovations in window engineering.

Thermal breaking reduces unwanted temperature or heat transfer inside a structure. This provides you with an optimal and convenient room temperature by reducing conduction and convection to the house’s interior during hot weather and maintaining the requisite heating you need during the winter. When you reduce the heating and cooling loads in a building, energy savings can skyrocket.

blick steel - thermally broken steel windows and doors

Pros of Thermally Broken Steel Windows and Doors

The modernized steel windows and doors still have the same iconic look like the classic steel window, but more energy-friendly and flexible than it has ever been. The popular look of these classics, slender framed, wide expanses of glass, makes thermally broken steel windows and doors a popular option that can last for many years.

Steel frame windows and doors have many benefits, including compact sightlines and the ability to accommodate wide lengths of glass. For years, architects opt steel windows and doors because of their aesthetically appealing qualities.


Traditional, contemporary, craftsman, Victorian, colonial, and Gothic architectural styles complement well with thermally broken steel windows and doors. Unlike a few other construction products, such steel materials can accommodate a wide variety of advanced patina finishes.

Dampen Noise Vibrations

Using thermally broken steel helps reduce the amount of sound that enters or exits your home. It regulates the sound from the outdoor noises and keeps any noise you make in your house from being heard outside.

Temperature Regulation

The use of thermally broken steel entry doors and windows is a new and sophisticated approach to addressing thermal conductivity. The thermal shield surrounds both the internal and external frames. The thermal layer dissipates when the metal makes contact with heat or cold energy from the outside. You may opt to combine modernized glass methods with thermally broken steel windows and doors for a long-lasting, robust, and solid frame.

Inexpensive Ownership Costs

Long-lasting, energy-efficient, and visually appealing construction materials for windows and doors can be among the most costly materials in a building. Although steel is among the most expensive commodities for any project, the overall cost of ownership is relatively low. Steel is a favored component due to its reliability, low maintenance, and long lifespan.

The Reasons Why You Should Choose Thermally Broken Steel Windows and Doors

Steel windows and doors are a stylish way to achieving a personalized finish to your home while ensuring long-term functionality. It also helps in transforming any space either your workplace or home to look even better.

Among the many reasons why you should give thermally broken steel windows and doors a change in your humble abode include property value, durability, safety, and security. The following listing provides you with a more in-depth explanation of why you should give it a go.

Property Value

Steel windows and doors have a very striking appearance. They boost the structure's resale value as well as its exterior look. Furthermore, they give the building's interior a light and airy appearance.


Steel windows and doors have a long lifespan as they are designed not to rust or get infested as wood does. Thus, safe to say, are much more durable than aluminum material and other metals. Adding steel windows and doors to your home now is like saving a lot of the trouble of having to redo them later. They are also a lot easier to manage and maintain.

Safety and Security

For many building uses, steel is the safest choice. Steel is perfect for keeping anybody who comes in the door secure and protected. It fits whether you are constructing a home for a household or a commercial property where many people can shop, buy, or visit.

Steel is the preferred material for structures that should survive natural events such as hurricanes and earthquakes. Steel windows satisfy the most rigorous blast and impact protection specifications.

Every architect has their reasons for using thermally broken steel windows and doors in their projects. Whatever they are, steel remains among the most commonly used construction materials worldwide and the architect's first alternative for world-class windows and doors.

About Blick Steel Thermally Broken Steel Windows and Doors

Blick Steel manufactures various customized thermally broken steel windows and doors tailored to reflect and fit each clientele’s tastes and lifestyle. The National Fire Protection Association (NFRC) has accredited Blick Steel under energy code standards and Title 24.

Blick Steel’s thermally broken steel windows and doors feature a thermal barrier and cold roll forming technology to improve energy performance and efficiency.

Blick Steel continuously strives to provide clients with handcrafted steel doors and windows in a variety of styles and finishes that are elegant, long-lasting, and of excellent quality at the most reasonable prices